Frequently Asked Questions - NOSEPODS®

  1. How often should I change my Nosepods?

    As often as you’d like. That being said, Nosepods are capable of filtering unwanted airborne particles for as long as they remain in your nose, but the menthol strength will dissipate over the course of a single day’s use (up to 8 hours).

  2. Do they come in other scents?

    For the moment, menthol is the only option, but the company is already in the research and development stage so as to create other smell blocking scent options.

  3. Can they be re-used?

    To avoid unwanted contamination, we suggest removing and reinserting Nosepods as few times as possible throughout the day.

  4. How long does the scent blocking last for?

    The strength of the menthol will begin to dissipate once the Nosepods are removed from their sealed bag. Typically, the scent blocking component of the product will no longer be effective after a day’s use.

  5. Do they have an expiration date?


  6. What do the PODS stand for?

    Particle Odour Defense System

  7. Are they clean and sanitary?

    Yes. Each Nosepods is carefully molded and immediately sealed in individual wrappers by Nosepods Inc. and its suppliers in manufacturing locations that meet international (or “the highest”?) quality control standards.

  8. Can they replace a mask and be used as PPE?

    No, Nosepods are not intended to replace PPE. That being said, they can be used in conjunction with PPE to offer users an additional line of protection against airborne viruses, allergens, and pollutants, and most definitely as the first line of defence against unwanted smells.

  9. How do I figure out what size to use?

    Test them out! Each person’s nose is unique, and while Nosepods Inc. strives towards providing a wide range of sizes, the best way to find out your size is to test the product out. To help with the initial step, please consult our “Sizing Chart” [provide link]

  10. What are Nosepods made out of?

    Nosepods are made from clear Badaflex@ TPE-S 30A 1384, a thermoplastic elastomer based on SEBS copolymer. It combines the excellent processing qualities of thermoplastics with the elastomer qualities of rubber.

  11. What is a 2.5 micron filter?

  12. Can I sleep with them in my nose?

  13. Will they relieve me of my allergies?

  14. Will it help my snoring?

    Preliminary testing indicates that Nosepods can significantly help with snoring. When inserted, Nosepods not only slightly expand the nostril’s cavity but also release vaporized menthol that helps open breathing passages.

  15. Do they come in different shapes?

    For the moment, Nosepods only come in one shape but our team is hard at work designing and testing different shapes to satisfy customer demand.

  16. Are Nosepods considered to be a medical device?

    Nosepods are not considered to be a medical device in Canada (, the FDA (USA), MHRA, or the EMA.